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IROCC Summer 2012 Race Schedule

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IROCC Summer 2012 Race Schedule

Apr 29 - Parking lot cleanup day (Noonish)
May 6 - Practice raceday (full qualifier and mains program)
May 13 - Raceday
May 20 - Week off, No racing
May 27 - Raceday

Jun 3 - Raceday
Jun 10 - Raceday
Jun 17 - Week off, No racing
Jun 24 - Raceday

Jul 1 - Week off, No racing (Parking lot is unavailable to us)
Jul 7/8 - Speed Weekend 2012 Asphalt
Jul 15 - Week off, No racing
Jul 22 - Raceday
Jul 29 - Raceday

Aug 5 - Week off, No racing.  RRR Trophy Race in Richmond - Aug 4/5 (***)
Aug 12 - Raceday
Aug 19 - Raceday (Likely at the Queen Alexandra Children's Hospital) no racing
Aug 26 - Raceday

Sep 2 - Raceday
Sep 9 - Raceday
Sep 16 - Raceday
Sep 23 - Week off, No racing
Sep 30 - Raceday

*** Note that the RRR Trophy Race in Richmond has moved from Aug 11/12 to Aug 4/5.


Cleanup day won't work on a Saturday, Blake. Too many people use the parking lot for what it is supposed to be used as, a park and ride. I thought we were scheduled to do cleanup this Sunday, April 29.

Right, sorry I forgot about that.  Schedule has been fixed.


Hey all,

Well, the first summer raceday is just a few days away.  I am excited because I thought that I was going to miss it due to a dumb work trip, but it turns out I will be able to make racing after all.  Here is a little reminder about our new schedule:

--- Quote from: blake ---Track setup will begin at 9AM sharp, and all racers in attendance at 9AM will receive a pink raffle ticket.  If you are late, you will not get a ticket.  Then, at the end of the day, after the last hose is loaded, Craig will draw the winning ticket behind the truck.  You must be standing there, at the back of the truck, to be eligible to win.  The winner will receive a free raceday the following Sunday.

The first qualifier will start at 10:30AM and we will reduce to two qualifiers when turnouts are high.  We will set a cutoff time (1PM), and if we have not finished the 2nd round of qualifying by this time, we will skip the 3rd round and go directly into the Mains.

--- End quote ---

A few things I'm looking forward to:

1) The novices showing us what R/C is all about as they did several times last summer
2) "Lean it out!" from NickF
3) The first person to disintegrate a 12th Scale chassis
4) Thomas mixing it up in Nitro after proclaiming that he'd never do that again
5) "On the tone"

Fingers crossed for the weather.  See ya all there!


yes you already missed the off road gets run over by car. but i am sure it will not be the last :o


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