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question about miniz speeds

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silly question, but how slow can you make a miniz go?
I want to get one for my 3 year old and slow it way down.
Or does anyone have a suggestion..
Then she won't want to drive my 1/12 scale so much


Hi, Ian.

I'd say that your best way to slow it down is to do a couple of things: leave the kit stock motor in and use the included 6 tooth pinion. You can also purchase some inexpensive GP950 (or better) cells which are quite soft but have lots of run time. And last, but certainly not least, turn the throttle end point way down on the radio since you can't do it on the inboard speedo.

Good luck!

You can also make a fake AAA battery for one of the slots, we did this with our Mini-z's and it slows the car down. Our fake battery was a piece of aluminum stock with one end machined with a bump to resemble a battery.

Dave Ox.

A current limiting resistor in series with the motor might also be a good idea.

Although this will decrease the top speed somewhat, it will also protect the motor from damage when it is stalled, and will in general decrease the performance of the car, all the while increasing run-time.

Thanks Phil and Dave..
The next logic question is where is the best place to get a RTR kit. Does anyone have one they want to sell..
Batteries are the best from ebay, correct?
Thanks again..
Email me direct...


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