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Good day,
I'm a newbie, I own mainly off-road car and I've been offered a very good for an HPI RS4 SPORT 3  FLUX 1/10 scale and I would like to know under what category it falls and if you are racing those onroad categorie, I got it at cost price because the store had it on tablet for very long time and I'm a good client so he gave it to at cost price and I would love to race it if possible :)

Is this the one?

You can for sure race that with the club. I'm not sure what electronics it would have come with, you may have to change out the motor to fit within the class rules eventually if you decide to race on a regular basis. But I'm sure it'll be fine to run for a while. And not sure about your tires, again something you may look into upgrading if you decide you want to race more often.   I'm sure someone has a used motor and tires for a good deal if you decide to change them out later.

Bring it out on Sunday and see how it does!

Hi thanks, it will be next month I will be in Victoria toward the end of month 16 August more precisely, we are moving there as for the electronics it come with a
MMH Flux-4000kv
the EMH Flux-3s speed controller, \
the servo is not the best so probably the first thing I will change, probably put an ORION like I got in my Off-Road, The car right now is fully stock.
is the motor and speed controller are okay if not what do you suggest? also what are you suggestion for tires?

I'm equipped to the teeth on off road with lots of spare parts for all my vehicule but I never did onroad before and I will greatly appreciate all input you guys  have!

We have had a few people out with those kinds of cars. Bring it out by all means. I wouldnt start spending money on it wih the state of hpi. Part of the reason you likely got it for cost was hpi basically not existing anymore. Getting parts might be difficult. Not to say they arent out there, just be careful.
Run it as it is, dont hit stuff and get a feel for onroad. If you like it, there are other competition cars within the club for sale quite often.

Okay thanks,
yeah I know the state of HPI, TRAXXAS bought them, I think it's just a question of time before HPI is getting back on the market, actually I had bought a HPI JUMPSHOT but this new model of sct from HPI has been push back and my friend at the store had this one on tablets for months and he was preparing to send it back and instead credit me the jumpshot and I had to pay only 60$ than what the jumpshot was! He leave me the HPI for 360$ which I think is a fairly good price, I'm confident that Traxxas will flood the market with spare parts well hopefully :) will stay positive on it!


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