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12th scale tires.

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I am going to blow the dust of my RC gear and come out. What size do I true the tires to and do you glue all 4?

Thanks, Neil.

42 at the largest. 41.75 fronts and 41.5 rears and yes glue all 4 tires. Be prepared for some traction rolling. You can't drive black carpet the same as grey, but it is nice once you get a setup.

i'd probably swap those sizes front to rear (bigger rears)

Try 41.5F and 42.5R at first.  You can always cut them smaller if it ends up not working well on your car.  Definitely glue the front sidewall with a medium CA like I have at Matrix.  Create a nice thick layer - it takes just a couple minutes.  I don't glue my rears at all.

See ya Sat!


I do my rears. Less droop less camber and harder chassis settings.


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