Winter 2016/2017 Race Schedule and Class Structure

Started by Blake, October 01, 2016, 12:01:14 AM

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Race Schedule and Class Structure for the Winter 2016/2017 race season at Matrix Hobbies and Raceway:

Oct  1 - Club Race
Oct  8 - Club Race
Oct 14-16: WCICS Penticton BC (Matrix open for practice Saturday)
Oct 22 - Club Race
Oct 29 - Club Race
Nov 4-6: Big Chill Race in Chilliwack BC (Matrix open for practice Saturday)
Nov 12 - Club Race (Also, WCICS Airdrie Nov 11-13)
Nov 19 - Club Race
Nov 26 - Club Race
Dec 3 - Club Race (Also, WCICS Edmonton Dec 2-4)
Dec 10 - Club Race
Dec 17 - Club Race

-- Christmas Break --

Dec 31 - Club Race (If enough interest on New Year's Eve)
Jan 6-8: Speed Weekend 2017 Carpet Edition WCICS Rd #5, Jan 6-8 2017, Sidney BC
Jan 14 - Club Race
Jan 21 - Club Race
Jan 28 - Club Race
Feb  4 - Club Race (Also, WCICS Regina Feb 3-5)
Feb 11 - Club Race
Feb 18 - Club Race
Feb 25 - Club Race
Mar 3-5: WCICS Kamloops BC (Matrix open for practice Saturday)
Mar 11 - Club Race
Mar 18 - Club Race
Mar 25 - Club Race (Also, Emerald City Classic Seattle WA Mar 25)
Apr 1 - Club Race
Apr 8 - Club Race (Also, WCICS Calgary Apr 7-9)
Apr 15 - Club Race
Apr 22 - Club Race
Apr 29 - Club Race

Race Night Program:
4:00PM Doors Open for open practice
6:00PM Q1
7:00PM Q2
8:00PM Q3
9:00PM Mains

Race Classes:
Touring Stock
-17.5BL motors, Non-boosted ESC, 7.4V LiPo
-Rubber tires, 1350g

12th Scale 13.5 Blinky
-12th Scale Chassis/Body
-13.5BL motors, Non-boosted ESC, 3.7V LiPo
-Foam tires (Spec 12th Scale tires encouraged), 730g

WorldGT 10.5 Blinky
-10.5BL motors, Non-boosted ESC, 3.7V LiPo
-Spec World GT body and spec World GT tires (Foam or Rubber), 930g

Scale Spec
-21.5BL motors, Non-boosted ESC, 7.4V LiPo
-Scale Spec Rubber tires, 1450g

Race Fees:
Adults: 1st class $20, 2nd class $5, 3rd class $5.
Children: 1st class $10, 2nd class $5
IROCC club membership for the 2016/2017 Winter Season: Adults $40, Children $20

Practice Nights:
Practice nights will be Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  If Wednesdays are not well attended, we may consider sticking to Thursday nights only.  Practice fees are $5 per night.

*** 12th Scale Spec Tires ***
Although not 100% required, the 12th Scale Spec tires are highly encouraged to keep a level playing field.  Certainly if you are an A-Main or B-Main driver, the 12th Scale Spec tires should be run.  Please run your old non-spec tires on practice nights.



Yes!!! Scale spec! I have been waiting on this for a while! Time to finally get the sprint 2 back on the track! ( I used to race scale spec a long time ago)
Emaxx + parked car  don't mix..................