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Started by haddow, December 16, 2005, 06:17:32 PM

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to give the new off-road track building project some "umfff" here is your own forum. I think I just sold my LST so I am out of the off-road but I will pitch in on the track build out, let me know
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ya same here let me know and ill be there

if you rent a bobcat let me know, i know how to use them, i did it at work.
2x 1/12 CRC xti-
1/12 nitro hydroplanes
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1/10 losi 22-2 buggy
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1/10 bolink eliminator


you can run my race revo Jody
becaue im running my kick ass xb8

pico 21 buggy motor
fwd only conversion
single high torque sterring sevo conversion
mip cvds
cabon fiber radio tray
proline 40 serise tires.
bump start on a rdlogics starter box

i know you want to

chris morrison (team driver)
Hotbodies AH-12    X 2
I was so dialed, I was calling collect.


Sounds good Chris, as soon as that track is ready I am definately taking you up on that.

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Again THANKS to the Doc for providing us all the space to talk about our interests.
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I'm crazy busy most of the time but I'll have some time off between Christmas and New Years if you need a hand...
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