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Reciver Battery.


I realized that I did not take out my receiver battery in my nitro car so I removed it and started to wipe it off with a shop towel and it started to smoke in my hands. I panicked and ripped the wires right of it. It stopped smoking (and I changed my shorts lol) so I started to take it apart to see what happened. When I puled the wires out it puled the circuit board that the cell solder tabs where connected to. I think either because of the tight bend in the wires the insulation crept up exposing the bare wire or the insulation melted back a bit when soldered. Either way, they shorted out and the smoke was the insulation burning on the wires.

luckly the battery did not go off in my hands and this did not happen in the car while racing. Unfortunately when the board came out with the wires it took most of the solder tabs of the cells with it so I can not repair the battery. Next battery I get I am going to remove some of the cover and check for this and cover the board and wires with some kind of insulation like epoxy or liquid tape or both.


that is lucky! prob an old battery and the fuel just attacked the shield as well. the reedy life batteries blake has are a great replacement though. not too expensive, enough capacity for a full race day and the wires on them are very sturdy and come with silicon shielding.

It was a newer LiFe battery I bought last year.


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