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REVENGE .12ON with Tuned Pipe and Manifold

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Any thoughts on this? The pipe is $ 32.40 and the manifold is $19.20 so they are selling the motor for $67.40.


ill have one of these soon. the pipe apparently goes straight in the bin, but the manifold is a legit 41616. 2660 pipe is highly recommended. this motor should be tons for our track or even the vancouver track. cant go wrong with the price, though  i wish you could get it barebones with no manfiold or pipe.

though i will say, there is not a lot of information on these motors other than people saying to get the mito which cost quite significantly more. I was going to get an ison but JT in vancouver claims the revenge is fast with the proper pipe. some internet scouring claims the motor to be a good deal and pretty fast with upgraded pipe. it wouldnt really be fair to compare it to a $400 tuned nova but for the price, should be an excellent club race engine.

I would try the pipe out, no sense wasting it.

I saw what this engine sounds like and runs like last race.  I couldn't believe it.  It's no 353 - discontinued (my favorite from a few years ago), but it runs well.

In fact, I am almost certain it is faster than the ison as well, just by seeing the acceleration and hearing the sound.

We had Chuck running the revenge with a 2660 pipe and it sounded fantastic, then we had Ed Lee running it with the included pipe and it held its own.  Not a bad idea to keep that pipe for an enduro or a club race backup.

Do you have data on the fuel economy between the two pipes? My hopes are a 6 minute engine with the 2660 but if its better still with thre included pipe, awesome.


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