FOR SALE: Complete kit. TC4 RTR

Started by Jaybee, August 17, 2005, 08:41:49 PM

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FOR SALE: Complete kit.  TC4 RTR (chassis, body, transmitter channel 1, 15 turn motor); P2K Pro motor (just had com turned for the first time); 2 sets of unused Racing slicks (1 set mounted, 1 set on rims but not glued); 1 set used Racing slicks mounted, 1 set treaded tires; Prophet Plus LCD peak charger;  2 - 6 cell battery packs (3000 Venom, SMC 3300 GP); 40 new Kirkland AA batteries.  Only competed in 4 races this year – body showing some damage – rest in top shape.  Some tune-up parts including motor cleaner.  ASKING $750.00.  727-5428 Jim


What is going on?  I thought you were ight into this racing thing?  Either way sorry to see you go.
Ryan Young


Yes, Ryan - it was really fun, but I suffered some personal set-backs and am having to liquidate some belongings quickly. Unfortunately this is one of them. Thanks for al your support. JB

well i would suggest lowering your price if you want to get rid of it fast as rc cars do not hold their value .........the only way to get your money out of an rc car is to use it.......... the price your asking for isnt much cheaper than new at the shaver shop...........and well if someone wants to buy used their ussually looking for a good deal......and 750 isnt it


Thanks for the suggestion.  I am open to offers - and of course if someone new is looking to get started, I am flexible.  Just had to start somewhere though.  Thanks again, JB.