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FS: Tamiya 415MS and Xray T1FK
« on: December 28, 2005, 03:46:05 AM »
Tamiya 415MS Roller

This is a standard 415 that has been upgraded to the 415 MS. This included a new chassis (3mm), new front and rear shock towers (3mm), shorts suspenion arms and new hubs. I also will include the orginal 415 longs suspension arms and hubs. There is also some sway bars, 3 extra sets of springs, ceramic bearings, front one way and a couple extra misc parts. (tires not included)

$350 OBO

Xray T1FK

This car comes with many options, to start it has the graphite adjustable chassis, graphite upper deck, graphite shock towers, graphite bumper brace, graphite battery tie downs, aluminum lower shock mounts, hudy spring steel drive shafts and the lower 1.77 internal gear ratio for increased accelleration. The car also has the 4 way adjustable shocks.

$200 OBO