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Started by Matt S, October 16, 2006, 04:44:09 PM

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Matt S

anyone got a 1/18 scale truck or buggy

i got a rc18mt and lookin for someone to have fun with that has a 1/18 scale so thx
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Ive got 2 Mini LST 2's on the way.. and Im looking for some ppl to race with as well.. Also trying to find an area to put in a nice little track... Lets get this goin as well!


I've got an RC18 and a MiniT... take a little lovin to get them running...
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Well there is a few of us then.. I know Jarrod said he might get one too if we can get a track going.. At the most we need a 50'X50' area or even a bit smaller... So if anyone has a nice big yard or something and wants to donate a bit of area to put one in all it will take is some shovels, some beer, and some determination to build a good lil track for the mini's, some jumps, woops, etc.. Grinder get those babies running.. Both my trucks are in now, just gotta pay em off and we are good to roll..

Matt S

if your willing to drive to sooke we can set one up at my house


just hand tools because we cant get any bobcats or anything up there

would take LOTS of work but it can be done
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I have no problem at all driving out to sooke... And Id be into doing some work to get a permanent track for the lil trucks... Like I said.. some shovels.. some beer and determination and we can do it... Lets figure out sometime we can get together and get started on this... You can call me sometime or if you are gonna be at speedweekend maybe we can chat bout it then! Steffan 381-1336

Matt S


just we have to clear out a bunch of broom bushes to get room for it
il be at speedweekend, we can chat about it then


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sorry to dig up an old thread..

but does anyone still have any of these?? anyone be interested in gettin some 18th racing setup?? maybe thursday or saturday nights?

maybe something like this?? i got a decent size driveway..and its got a cool banked corner around a city grate..

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