Summer Racing 2024 In Question

Started by Blake, March 15, 2024, 07:33:25 PM

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Hi all,

We found out today that IROCC's 2024 Summer racing program is in question.  Colwood is building a bridge for the Galloping Goose trail to cross over the Island Highway and our parking lot is going to be used as a staging area.  This is a surprise as we were given a verbal "ok" back in January, and then got this news today.

So, after roughly 20 years, the search for a new parking lot begins.  We're calling on all club members to keep their eyes open for possible opportunities.  The current lot is about 300' x 60' (pits included) which is about the minimum size required.  A new location would need smooth asphalt, be away from homes, and be located in the Colwood/View Royal/Westshore areas ideally.

If you know of any opportunities, please do the legwork to find who is in charge and get their contact info.  We can follow up from there.



Summer 2024 Update

IROCC has secured a new parking lot for summer racing.  It is a School District 62 school lot located 1km from the old parking lot in Colwood and it is a similar size.  Unfortunately the rental rate and the cancellation policy are quite prohibitive and will mean a significant change to IROCC's economic model.  We are continuing to search for a more ideal solution for the club, but at least we have something secured.  Note that we are still waiting on feedback from another potential site as well.

What is the plan?
As always, the first race is scheduled for the last Sunday in May (Sunday May 26, 2024).  If the old Park and Ride is still available at that time (unlikely), we will use it.  If not, we will switch gears to the SD62 lot.

What can I expect?
Expect a fluid plan.  Race dates and race fees will be highly dependent on location and therefore a full schedule is not possible at this time.  Prepare your cars for racing and what hopefully becomes another fun summer season with IROCC.