Pavement Track Work Party Saturday May 13

Started by Blake, May 08, 2023, 06:26:18 PM

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Hi all,

We are planning a short work party this Saturday morning at the pavement track in Colwood.  Saturday May 13th, 10:00AM.  Sorry for the late notice, but the weather this weekend looks good, and the following weekend is no longer a possibility.

Divide and conquer tasks:
1. Sweep and blow off the parking lot
2. New track layout
3. Paint small white boards
4. Clean out cube truck
5. Power wash if water available
6. Practice laps

Please let us know if you can attend as we are planning to grill some burgers etc....  Many hands make light work.

The club will have some TC tires on hand for anyone needing a new set for the summer.



Useful items for cleanup day:

-Push brooms
-Long scrub brushes for van
-Small brushes for plastic walls
-Simple green or soap
-Water jug
-Paint roller/tray



I'm in Atlanta on work and Paul has prior engagements.

Sorry we couldn't help out.