Colwood Planning to Develop the Park & Ride

Started by Will_Woods, August 11, 2022, 04:04:26 PM

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Not sure if folks are aware, but back in 2018 the City of Colwood was considering closing the Park and Ride and turning it into a Medical Centre ( The property was not rezoned; but it was converted into a land asset owned by the City. This means that in the future it could be sold off or developed (which may make the summer racing venue unavailable).

The City is currently developing some major plans that will shape how their 'downtown core' (Branded as the "Gateway and Triangle Lands") will develop and the Park & Ride is shown as being built out as a mixed use civic/cultural/residential building up to 26 storeys in height (see page 23 of the 53 page document online at

As this area develops, the City has an opportunity to secure and program park land... this could mean working with IROCC and a landscape architect to design a public park with a built in RC racing track, view platforms, etc. so that the Club has somewhere to hold events/races (see for this idea).

Anyone who feels like this plan could effect them should post their ideas and offer feedback online at and email the City Planner in charge of this project ( Resident and stakeholder input is happening now, and IROCC (and it's members) are definitely a stakeholder in this place. If we don't engage the City early on, RC racing will be an afterthought and we may loose our summer venue... if we share how important RC racing is, and point to the other benefits it could bring if the "Gateway and Triangle Lands" were designed to feature this activity - perhaps the City will see value in planning a space for us.


Hi Will,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We were aware of the Medical Center plans years ago, and a Performing Arts venue before that.  I actually asked Colwood in February of this year if the lot was the subject of any potential upcoming development and they said they weren't aware of anything at this time.  But clearly there could be big changes coming to the site.

Thanks for creating the "Work with IROCC" idea on their website.  I will add another one with a bit more detail and I'll definitely email Jill Collinson.

I'm sending you a private message as well.



Posted my support. Hopefully we can get something done.
Emaxx + parked car  don't mix..................


FYI: To All

Today (May 23, 2023) Colwood Council considered the next steps for the project to redevelop the area where the park & ride currently sits

None of the Feedback offered mentioning Irocc on made it into the report.

You can access the report online (item number 8.5 on

Contact Info for Mayor and Council is at


Thanks for the update Will.

I've requested info from the city a couple times over the Fall and Winter but they always come back with "We don't know the future of the area".  Maybe it'll be more clear soon.